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If you’re a person who gives bad reviews to films you’ve not seen, perhaps you should rethink your life

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It’s Impossible to Please Each Faction of Star Wars Fan, So Was Rian Johnson Right Not to Even Try?

Solo: A Star Wars Story can still be great, but how can this come to be?

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Twin Peaks season 3 is exquisite, but why am I so unenthused by it?

TV Shows to Look Forward to in the Rest of 2017

The top 5 protagonists of Christopher Nolan movies

Dunkirk: Its Greatness and Its Finest Moments

Christopher Nolan’s Greatest Movies

Hopefully the Han Solo debacle will teach Disney not to tread on sacred ground

Lucasfilm were right to hire a new Han Solo director, but it’s their fault, not Lord and Miller’s

The Best TV and Film Performances of 2017 So Far

The 5 Best TV Shows of 2017 So Far

Bloodline’s Final Season: A Sublime Ending to a Wonderful Show

3 Reasons Why Alien: Covenant is the Best in the Franchise Since Aliens

The 5 Highest Grossing Movie Stars Not in a Star Wars or Superhero Movie

One Problem With a Game of Thrones Spinoff and One Rule That Must Not be Broken

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: 3 Things That Worked and 3 Things That Didn’t

The Battle for 2017’s Best TV Show

Could VOD Save Film by Killing Movies?

13 Reasons Why: Are There Any Reasons to Watch?

Life: One Dread-Inducing Reason to Watch the Sci-Fi Horror Movie

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What the hell is going on with The Dark Tower movie?

After Logan: Where Should the X-Men Universe Go Next?

Is April 2017 Promising To Be One of TV’s Greatest Ever Months?

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Trying to Remember the Virtues of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

2 Ways To Make Batman Great Again

Quality Isn’t Subjective. A Film Is Good Or It Is Not

How The Young Pope Has Set The Bar for 2017’s TV

3 Things to Take Away from Ben Affleck’s The Batman Saga

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Hollywood: If You Can’t Build It, Don’t Bother

2 Reasons You Should Watch Netflix’s The OA and 1 Reason You Should Not

8 Films to Look Forward to In 2017

The Walking Dead: ‘Hearts Still Beating’ Review (S07E08)

The 5 Best TV Shows of 2016

The Walking Dead: ‘Sing Me a Song’ Review (S07E07)

4 Reasons There Are So Few Great Films about God and the Bible

The Walking Dead: ‘Swear’ Review (S07E06)

The Harry Potter Series is Much Better Than I Thought

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3 Star Wars Films That Lucasfilm Should Have Made Before a Han Solo Movie

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If The Best Marvel Movies Are Unlike The Rest, Why Are Most Just Like The Others?

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Is TV Now More Effective Than Film?

The Walking Dead: ‘The Well’ Review (S07E02)

Halloween: 5 Best Horror Films of 2016 So Far

The Walking Dead: Season Seven Premiere Review (S07E01)

A 2016 Zombie Movie Demonstrates How to Deal with Superhero Saturation

Luke Cage: Things That Worked and Things That Didn’t

Luke Cage: Early Reaction to the Show’s Beginning

Has Sony Ruined Everything with the PS4 Pro?

Oscar, Indie, and Blockbuster: 3 Future Must See Films

AMC’s Decline Isn’t Complicated, It’s Just Bad TV

3 Ways DC Can Beat Marvel – Hint: Don’t Be Marvel

People Don’t Like Suicide Squad. Fine, But Let’s Not Perpetuate the Myth of Marvel’s Greatness

Jason Bourne Hasn’t Changed At All: That’s Good and Also Not So Good

3 Reasons Dark Tower Fans Should Stop Freaking Out Over the Movie

Mr Robot: Season Two Premiere Review

VOD is Beating Cinema, and Maybe, Just Maybe, That’s a Good Thing

The 4 Best TV Shows of 2016 So Far

Game of Thrones Reaction: ‘The Winds of Winter’

The Invitation Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings, and It’s 2016’s Best Film So Far

Game Of Thrones Reaction: ‘Battle of the Bastards’ – That’s What You Call Television!

No Film Should Be Banned. Ever.

Preacher: ‘See’ Review (S01E02)

Complacency: The Killer of TV’s Golden Age

Preacher: ‘Pilot’ Review (S01E01)

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Movies to Watch For in 2016 Part II

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5 Things We Want To See From Daredevil Season 3

Fear the Walking Dead: ‘Ouroboros’ Review (S02E03)

Fear the Walking Dead: ‘We All Fall Down’ Review (S02E02)

A Man Named Kenobi: A Star Wars Story Pitch

Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Monster’ Review (S02E01)

4 Reasons to Be Excited About Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The Walking Dead: Season Six Finale Review

4 Ways DC Can Win Me Back After Batman v Superman

The Walking Dead: ‘East’ Review (S06E15)

Four Future Options for The Punisher on Netflix

The Walking Dead: ‘Twice as Far’ Review (S06E14)

Top 7 Daredevil Season 2 Moments

The Walking Dead: ‘The Same Boat’ Review (S06E13)

The Walking Dead: ‘Not Tomorrow Yet’ Review (S06E12)

The Walking Dead: ‘Knots Untie’ Review (S06E11)

The Two Greatest TV Episodes of All Time

The Walking Dead: ‘The Next World’ Review (S06E10)

You’re Not Entitled to a Faithful Adaptation

The Walking Dead: ‘No Way Out’ Review (S06E09)

Batman v Superman, Mystery & Over Promotion

Has Suicide Squad Sexualised Harley Quinn? Yes, Thankfully

Batman v Superman vs. Suicide Squad, and Judging Films Before They Release

Men Are Being Turned Off To Film: Time To Blame All the Boys

The Big Short Review

8 TV Shows To Look Forward To In 2016

Fargo Season 2 Reaction

Where Will The Next Great Directors Come From?

The Leftovers Season Finale Reaction

The 6 Best TV Shows of 2015

The Walking Dead: ‘Start to Finish’ Review (S06E08)

The Walking Dead: ‘Heads Up’ Review (S06E07)

Movies Are Getting Worse & It’s All Our Fault

The Walking Dead: ‘Always Accountable’ Review (S06E06)

The Walking Dead: ‘Now’ Review (S06E05)

The Walking Dead: ‘Here’s Not Here’ Review (S06E04)

3 Films to Watch This Halloween

The Walking Dead: ‘Thank You’ Review (S06E03)

The Walking Dead: ‘JSS’ Review (S06E02)

The DC Bad Movie Myth

The Walking Dead: Season Premiere Review (S06E01)

Mystery, Resolution, and the Virtue of Ambguity

Fear the Walking Dead: Season Finale Review (S01E06)

Fear the Walking Dead: ‘Cobalt’ Review (S01E05)

Forget Superhero Oversaturation, What About The Biopic?

Fear the Walking Dead: ‘Not Fade Away’ Review (S01E04)

Fear the Walking Dead: ‘The Dog’ Review (S01E03)

Superhero Centric Media: What’s With All The Sycophants?

Fear the Walking Dead: ‘So Close Yet So Far’ Review (S01E02)

Bad Movies & Bad Content: There Has To Be Consequences

Hannibal: ‘The Wrath of the Lamb’ Series Finale Review (S0313)

Fear the Walking Dead: ‘Pilot’ Review (S01E01)

Hannibal: ‘The Number of the Beast Is 666’ Review (S03E12)

Hannibal: ‘And the Beast from the Sea’ Review (S03E11)

Hannibal: ‘And the Woman Clothed In Sun’ Review (S03E10)

Why Phase 3 Of The MCU Is Going To Be Even Better Than 1 & 2

Hannibal: ‘And the Woman Clothed with the Sun’ Review (S03E09)

Superhero Movies: Contrarian Opinions and Partisan Fandom’s

Hannibal: ‘The Great Red Dragon’ Review (S03E08)

Hannibal Digestivo Review (S03E07)

Hannibal Dolce Review (S03E06)

The 4 Best New TV Shows Of 2015 So Far

Hannibal Contorno Review (S03E05)

The Best TV Drama Emmy – What Should Be Nominated Vs What Will Be Nominated

Hannibal Aperitivo Review (S03E04)

Batman: Arkham Knight & A Trip Back to the Asylum

Hannibal Secondo Review (S03E03)

Mother’s Mercy – Game of Thrones Finale Reaction

Hannibal Primavera Review (S03E02)

Why Hannibal Is The Best Show You’re Not Watching

Oh Stannis… What Have You Done? – Game of Thrones (S05E09) Reaction

4 Characters Marvel’s Cinematic Universe Has To Introduce

Hannibal Season 3 Premiere Review

Winter is Here – Game of Thrones ‘Hardhome’ Reaction

Superhero Over Saturation – Don’t Watch Everything

A History With Mad Max

Game of Thrones ‘Black Wedding’ Reaction

The Magnificent Seven Lands Peter Sarsgaard As Lead Villain

Roger Deakins Announced As Cinematographer For Blade Runner Sequel

George Miller Announces Mad Max Sequel Title

Game of Thrones – Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (S05E06) – TV Review

Jared Leto’s Full Joker Look Revealed In New Suicide Squad Set Photos

Watch First Look Trailer For Steve Jobs Biopic

Mad Max, Pitch Perfect 2 & Age of Ultron Going Strong At Box Office

Matthew McConaughey’s Sea of Trees & Its Devastating Cannes Reviews

DC Villains That Ben Affleck’s Batman Has To Battle

Game of Thrones – Kill The Boy (S05E05) – TV Review


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